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Are you struggling to get started on your college application? Do you not know where to start, what to ask, or how to refine your essay? Do you have questions about what admissions counselors look for and why you have to spend your time writing essays?

Are you "encouraging" (nagging?) your student to do these things, or are you the student being "encouraged" by your family to get everything done NOW?

You don't need to know where to start as I'll talk about choosing an essay topic that says "I'm an original!" all the way to the best ways to proofread your essay so what you turn in is perfect and doesn't include pirate talk.

You'll learn about what you want to include in your activities and awards list (say no to telling admissions you raked leaves for your grandmother in 6th grade and YES! to including that job you've had since you were old enough to work).

And you'll understand why all of this is important so you know how and why you want to put your best self on paper, and even have fun talking about how amazing you are!

You can tap into my knowledge and experience from 30 years in higher education so you can write a great essay, include what's important in your activities and awards list, and ask for and get strong letters of recommendation.

I know the college application process can be intimidating and daunting, so it's helpful if you have a guide. I'll take you through the application process, and so much more as you get ready to go to college.

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